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Wild Caucus

To be wild is to be both natural and free


The LP's green caucus, representing human-centric Naturalism and eco-minded politics

 The Wild Caucus has three main objectives; 



What does it mean to be a Naturalist?

 Naturalism is the recognition that our environment is a robust, decentralized, interdependent, and self-regulating collection of organisms and inorganic phenomena, governing every facet of the material world. The naturalist then, holds two things to be true;

1. The human being's condition is crafted by the environment to suit a natural way of life, rather than an artificial one. This natural life is most healthy. Man is most psychologically satiated when he is autonomous, free, and able to provide for himself and his community directly, and he lives a life healthy for his body and mind, in closeness to nature.

2. Industrial progress and modern human civilization can have an impact on man's environment which can lead to damage of our interdependent


What is Libertarianism/the LP?
Libertarianism is a a very simple political ideology. Libertarians strongly oppose any Government interference in your personal, family, and business decisions. Essentially, we believe all people should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do not affect others in the process.

This view comes from our belief in self-Ownership (The idea that you're the only one with a right to your body and property), and Non-Aggression (The idea that no individual should initiate force against another).

The Libertarian position, not intending to force any way of life on anyone, seeking to free the markets and create voluntary solutions rather than increase corporate corruption or Government oversight, is in total contrast to the positions of the contemporary left and right and the positions of the American political duopoly.

The Libertarian Party of the US acts as the primary organizing body for American Libertarians, when it comes to both electoral and non-electoral activity. Since 1971, the LP has maintained it's core principles, political stances, and party traditions, holding that your rights are unchanging, and not something the Government gives you.

The LP contains people belonging to all sorts of cultural and social views, religious views, etc, as well as varying schools of thought in regards to how the party should be run. For this reason, the LP has a long tradition of 'Caucuses', which basically act as sub-parties within the LP, organizing and working to promote, and make desired change in, the Libertarian Party. 

Liberty and Naturalism go hand in hand

Freedom and autonomy are core aspects of the natural human life, and the enemies of freedom, such as the State, are also the enemy of the environment and nature. The Libertarian and the Naturalist share the same enemy.

Libertarians are critical of the State, or Government. The Government is immune to the laws of self-ownership and non-aggression, and can violate individuals and thwart the market all it likes. The State is responsible for all manner of ecological destruction and damage to human life.

The Government funds and protects polluters, created strip-logging and similar practices, Bans efficient and ecologically sound alternatives to oil and natural gas (such as Nuclear Power), criminalizes Pharmacognosy and natural medicine and instead promotes and gives monopolies to health corporations who want you to be a returning customer, so to speak

 Self-ownership and freedom to trade and share voluntarily allow for individual autonomy, and create a decentralized system, which, just like our environment, regulates itself. If the Government cannot plan an economy, it begs the question, what makes us think we can plan and control the environment?   

The Libertarian position of self-ownership also states that no individual should directly affect the person or property of others. If libertarian positions are enforced, this would protect you and your community from damage caused by harm to the environment such as pollution.

Libertarians also hold that you should have freedom of choice in regards to health. We oppose vaccine mandates, State-granted monopolies on medicinal products, and the criminalization of natural medicines such as Psilocybin.

The Naturalist understands that the natural human lifestyle is not something that can be mandated or enforced through the State, and Libertarians agree. Social problems are solved through social means. A cultural shift towards closeness to nature, self reliance, more traditional living, and mutual aid are the solution, not increased Government interference in your life. 

What is 'Anti-Human Environmentalism'?

Modern environmentalists tend to subscribe to a false naturalism, which advocates for some very un-Libertarian things, such as centralized human control of the environment via the State or some other collection of entities. Many also advocate for some sort of 'Eco-egalitarianism' which asserts that animals and other aspects of nature deserve the rights of humans. Even some comparably valid Naturalists advocate for forceful abolition of agriculture, domestication and/or consumption of animals, and free trade.

These individuals are not proponents of naturalism or environmentalism, but rather proponents of an anti-human and anti-naturalist ideology. Most who hold these views use them to support specific authoritarian, techno-fetishist, or contemporary Left-Wing ideologies under the guise of concern for nature.

True Naturalism is only compatible with the ideas of liberty and decentralized society, as liberty and decentralization are the natural state of things. 

 Meet our Leadership

Elijah Mack

Founder and Chair

Doug Campbell

Vice Chair 

Alex Trujillo

Overseer of CA


Overseer of the PNW


Overseer of the Midwest


Overseer of the South

Lee McElhenney

Overseer of the Northeast